My journey as a photographer really began on my wedding day. You see, I got married when I was eighteen years old. We were totally in love, and completely broke. So to save money, we had a friend of the family take our wedding pictures. Let me just say, that is the worst decision a bride can make.  I remember getting the pictures and thinking, “I could have done so much better!”

Fast forward thirteen years, three kids, and a few animals later. It had taken me a bit of time to really start pursuing the goal I had as a young bride, but now that I’m here, I won’t ever go back! I LOVE portraiture. I love watching people interact with each other and capturing those relationships on “film” for future generations to see.

My love of portraiture naturally morphed into an interest in wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, I feel blessed to be an integral part in creating heirlooms that will last for generations to come. It’s about telling a story—each one a unique and inspiring tale to tell.

I am based in Northern Arizona in a little town called Prescott. However, I travel to Flagstaff, Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson and surrounding areas for a small travel fee.


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