Anyone down for a little “The World’s Oldest Rodeo”?

Living in Prescott is interesting  come Rodeo season. Prescott boasts “The World’s Oldest Rodeo,” and becomes quite the destination in June. I’ve lived here all my life and have been to several rodeos, but lately I’ve sort of steered clear of the event. It’s usually crowded, and honestly, I don’t really like watching cowboys being trampled by enraged steer. However, this year a group of our friends decided to head on over to the rodeo grounds and enjoy a little of “The World’s Oldest Rodeo.” My husband and I tagged along with our three kids, whose first experience with the rodeo we were eager to witness.

Of course, I had to bring my camera to document this photographic opportunity. Here are a few images from the night.

“We’re just watching those guys fall off the horsies.” ~ Ava

“It was a lot more enjoyable without my mother sitting beside me emanating anger.” ~ Vince

The kids really enjoyed their first rodeo experience. Though Ava did have a small meltdown when the cowboys were roping the baby cows. She didn’t like them hurting the animals. We went for a walk and looked at the pretty cowgirl belts.


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